Advocating For Peace

The main goal of creating community for peace is to mobilize for peace and conflict resolution through music and arts industry. The organization intends to partner with artists and other people to improve music and counter the problems facing Israel. Musicians and artists needs to be granted the needed freedom and also to make use of the popular artist figures to avail peace to the country. Music is one of the most popular and influential entertainment industry which could be used to advocate for peace and harmony in different places. Musicians are quite influential and have huge numbers of followers who would follow in their footsteps in the realization of peace.

A bad image of Israel has been created due to the protests, boycotts, and sanctions enforced to the country. Through the mutual understanding created by music in that people of different backgrounds and countries connect it can influence peace. If artists and the high profile entities could visit the country and see the problems for themselves they could ensure to do all it takes to restore peace. The negative image created for the country could be changed by the musicians who visit and spread word that those things are not true. Creative community for peace was founded a long time ago and has been trying to help the citizens of Israel to get peace.

The organization holds meeting and conferences with the industry’s top figures to educate them regarding the issues facing Israel. The musicians and other artists then create awareness to other artists who are close to them and suggest for contribution to ending the issues. The fans and followers of the popular artists are then educated by the artists and mobilized to be part of the campaign against the problems faced by the country. Advocacy for peace is also done through the use of social media and television among other platforms that can spread the message to many people. Israelites facing difficulties have been given aid to improve their lives by the donations and contributions made to the creative community for peace.

People can join the creative community for peace in the fight against cultural boycotts of Israel for a better future. To become part of the organization one can do such things as spreading awareness about the situations and mobilizing other to take action. The creative community for peace depends on donations from volunteers to be able to continue helping those in need of food and other necessities. Donations are utilized to make life better for the citizens through building schools and educating people about the various issues such as poverty, infections and the need for peace.

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